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Today's programmers and IT consultants are expected to have extensive knowledge of the business and application domains they work in. That means they do not want to have to stick their heads too deep under the hood of their code as that diverts valuable time from their core business.

So why Drenti? Where other companies are experts in creating solutions for specific application domains, my domain of expertise is the art of programming itself!


Basic Code Services

Obviously, you want to tackle functional bugs yourself but do you really need to spend so much time on those bugs and performance problems that are inherent to the development tools, platforms, paradigms, compilers, processors etc.? Do you have the time to research coding practices and algorithms that increase code metrics and/or performance? Luckily you can now turn to Drenti for such tasks cause I love that stuff! So let me do the:

  • Debugging
  • Profiling & optimization
  • Developing of test code
  • Unit (and other) tests
  • Cleaning up of your code
so you can focus on stuff that matters.

Advanced Code Services

Don't waste time digging up your old computer science books just because you need a splay tree, self organizing map or scene graph implementation. You care about your app, let me do the things I love and take care of the nerdy stuff so you can get on with realizing your ideas.

Preparing a port, integration or upgrade? Drenti can help! Abstraction and encapsulation of legacy code, data/code conversion and other tool development. The list goes on and on and each and every item on that list diverts you further from your core objectives. Let's not even talk about needing to implement RFC's, OS specific device drivers or embedded code.

Want to use Open Source technology? Great stuff! It can be a bit tricky though. Lots of evaluation, testing, integration and even modification and bug fixing to make sure it finally suits your needs. These things can become time consuming but with Drenti on the case you are free to not worry about that and get on with the functional stuff.


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BTW, my name is Peter Friebel, founder of Drenti ...

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My business is to provide you with the tech and solutions you and your team needs to make your games, apps or systems stand out.

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